Crepe Bitter
Crepe Bitter
Crepe Bitter
Crepe Bitter

Crepe Hijab Bitter (Q1494)

Price : $14.90(Vat included)
Crepe Collection
• It is 90x180 cm in size.
• It does not slip or sweat.
• Painting process was carried out in 1st class dyehouses.
• Absolutely does not bleed or fade in paint.
• It has a wrinkled texture.
• Four sides are fringed.
• Suitable for all seasons.
• Suitable for daily use.
• It is not see-through and it is 100% natural fiber.
• It has a light, draped and full stance.
• Does not require ironing.

* Note: Since all our products are naturally mixed products, they contain sensitive ingredients. For this reason, we recommend that you hand wash for longer use.

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